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Domestic and Foreign Tooling Sources

We seek global alternatives for our tooling sources to provide the best solution for custom requirements and budget parameters. As a US-based company, we also maintain strong relationships with domestic tooling sources that have historically provided excellent work for us, allowing us to offer multiple options in a timely, cost-effective tool sourcing.

In today's competitive environment we may utilize sources outside of the US if our customer’s budget mandates a cost-based solution or challenging time frame that can’t be achieved state-side. We have many years of experience using overseas resources that we have thoroughly evaluated to be reputable providers of quality workmanship. We have developed an extensive control program consisting of explicit tooling requirements and regimented follow-up. The mold design is reviewed extensively by our engineering team and must conform to our strict requirements. With the program checks and balances we have in place, Plastic Parts, Inc. global tooling sourcing is a successful experience.